Office and Retail Shop Fitouts

Your work space is home to your business. It is where your business ideas are envisioned, take shape and grow. Allow us to conceptualize, design and create the ideal space for you using highly customized solutions.

Transform your work space into an ideal one by sharing your ideas and plans with us. Give us a budget, a deadline and building specifications and we will turn your vision into reality.

At Home Concepts & Solutions LLC, our aim is to understand your requirements and expectations and providing solutions that are elegant and contemporary in style, based on three main aspects of office or retail shop fitouts, functionality, aesthetics and affordability.

Once you appoint us as your fitout specialist for your project we will handle every aspect of the project for you. Right from creating an ideal design to making the 2D and 3D drawings and presentations; from putting together the documentation and drawings to getting all necessary approvals; right from managing and executing the project to the final testing, commissioning and approvals will all be done by us.


  • Interior Design
  • Complete Office Fitouts
  • Retail Shop Fitouts
  • 2D and 3D Design and Drawings
  • Drafting and Documentation
  • Approvals and Permissions
  • Bespoke Fitted Furniture Solutions
  • Wall Paneling
  • Partitions – Wood / Glass / Gypsum
  • False Ceiling Design & Solutions
  • Floors – Tiling / Parquet / Carpet
  • Pantry and Restrooms Remodeling
  • Canopies and Sails